Alchemy provides the player with the ability to convert mined gold and resources into valuable goods and consumables.

Mixing takes place in the Alchemist's Laboratory.

For mixing you will need:

  • An available recipe

  • Sufficient amount of gold and appropriate reagents.

With the help of the Alchemist's Laboratory, you can create:

  • Chosen Summoning Crystals

  • Magic Runes

  • Food for Chimeras

  • Spring wine

The player can upgrade the Alchemist's Laboratory to gain access to new recipes.

You can place a Chimera with the appropriate skill In the Alchemist's Laboratory to get additional bonuses when mixing:

  • Lab Assistant – allows you to reduce the cost of the recipe in gold.

  • Alchemist – gives a small chance to save one of the reagents when mixing.

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