Chimeras is a versatile game with multiple activities and will be entertaining for everybody. Depending on the preferences, the Great Mage can evolve one of the listed directions or their combination.
  • Champions actively participate in arena battles, clan tournaments, and other similar activities.
    • The Champions focus on the formation of the Chosen team and their upgrade, various battle tactics. The Chosen are their assets.
    • Victories bring rewards in the form of unique items, which allows the Champions to have a good income. The more wins - the higher the income.
  • Creators and Geneticists create new objects or new Chimeras -vital to the Miners and Champions. They are actively developing structures on their island to gain new opportunities and recipes.
    • Genetics focus on breeding Chimera with a unique appearance or sought-after skills.
    • Creators focus on creating sought-after items and consumables.
  • Landowners - some reagents cannot be mined on the home island. That's when the owners of the Rimlands come to the rescue, leasing mines, forests, and reservoirs where you can extract all the necessary resources.
    • Landowners invest in the acquisition and development of Rimlands, profiting from their rent.
  • Miners deliver most of the resources to the market, which makes them indispensable.
    • Chimeras are their asset. The Miners focus on the magical creatures, tracking their health, strength, and time.
    • The Miners are active players in the resource market who constantly have a finger on the pulse.
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