The player takes on the role of the Great Mage - the ruler of an island lost in the Ocean of Timelessness. The player takes care of the island inhabitants and develops a domain in every way to come to wealth and prosperity.
The Great Mage faces an inspiring and complex challenge, and any assistance would be helpful.
Once upon a time, Alathor created Chimeras to build the world. Now they must help the Great Mage out in ruling the island.
Chimeras are highly effective creatures:
  • They can go to the mine, to the forest, or fish on lakes pursuing valuables and rare reagents for Alchemy.
  • Chimeras are also adept at running entire islands, increasing the efficiency of buildings, and yielding additional income.
In return for their work, Chimeras need the Great Mage care and attention:
  • Chimeras are magical creatures and are born to their own rules. The Great Mage will create new Chimeras with the help of magic and cultivate their valuable skills.
  • Chimeras are very skilled, but they can always get better. The Great Mage should improve the skills of his wards, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Chimeras are extremely diligent creatures and able to work tirelessly. The Great Mage should remember this and take care of their health and rest.
The title of the Great Magician incurs both outstanding magical abilities and managing the island. Saving a large treasury is not a considerable achievement if the island is in decline. By contrast, only a prosperous island increases the income and capabilities of its owner. The visionary and wise magician will:
  • Invest in the economy. The development of a mine, grove, or lake of the island can significantly increase the income and open access to the extraction of new reagents.
  • Develop the island's infrastructure for new opportunities. Thus, investments in the Laboratory will pay off with the possibility of applying new recipes, and the construction of the Tavern will improve the performance of Chimeras.
  • The Great Mage can decorate the island to taste: build a theater, create a massive golden statue for his beloved or breed a unicorn? No matter what, the main point is to make your island unique.
Understanding the secrets of magic is an integral part of the existence of the Great Magician. Not only charms and spells, but also Alchemy is the fastest way to achieve wealth and power:
  • The magical potions preparation allows you to multiply the capabilities and number of Chimeras - your most loyal assistants.
  • The creation of Summoning Crystals is the pinnacle of the magician's skill, and those who have mastered this craft can call on the strongest of the Chosen and fierce warriors from myths and legends to serve.
  • Enchanting with runes is an ancient art that can develop the capabilities of any of the Chosen. Even an ordinary Сhosen can become a legendary warrior with the runic magic.
The Chosen are warriors, commanders, and heroes called for service from faraway lands. Bygone wars are already in the past, but the competition among the magicians and the threat from Chaos has not disappeared anywhere, that means that the Great Mages will face new challenges:
  • Assemble or upgrade a team of the legendary Chosen being both the best of the best and effectively complement each other's skills.
  • Fight in the Arena with the team of Chosen of other Great Mages for rewards and bonuses for their possessions.
  • Take part in the Clans tournaments.
  • Gain fame and wealth in battles with the henchmen of Chaos.
  • Take part in Bosses raids together with other Great Mages.
The Great Mage can expand the possessions at the expense of free islands (Rimlands). They look like a home island: Chimeras can also work there, and investing in the island increases its effectiveness, but there are two key features:
  • Rimlands require maintenance costs but allow for the extraction of unique resources.
  • If desired, you can open access to the Rimlands to other players for a fee.
The Great Mage can join forces with other Great Mages and join a clan. Such cooperation opens up access to new activities, such as clan tournaments or Bosses raids.
The player can sell most of the extracted resources and items as an NFT or exchange for CHIM.
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