"Chimeras Metaverse" is a mesmerizing and prosperous world full of magic and miracles. But it was far from always this way.
The demiurge and creator Alathor conceived this world filled with beauty, magic, and life at the dawn of time. However, the more he worked on the world creation and gave it more strength - the more he dissolved in it.
Then came Chaos-a primordial force that was alien to the creation of Alathor. He introduced an imbalance among the primordial elements and into the foundation of the universe, intending to destroy it.
Weakened by the world creation, Alathor failed to stop Chaos on his own and brought into existence loyal helpers: so the Chimeras appeared, designed to curb the power of the original elements, then the older races, capable of resisting Chaos.
The world was saved, but Alathor's powers faded more and more with every subsequent creation. The demiurge was gradually dissolving in this world.
The Mages became the last creation of Alathor. He endowed them with true lore about the structure of this world. The Mages are destined to take the world under their care and protection.
After Alathor had gone, the balance of the world began to collapse, and Chaos strengthened. Its detrimental effect caused discord between the tribes of the older races. No one knows for sure what happened then, but even the wisest of the Mages hardly managed to stop the disaster.
The Ocean of Timelessness broke the earth's hardness into islands doomed to soar in the streams of Ethereum. It seemed that the abyss would swallow up all living things, but at the last moment, there came wizards who protected the fragments of the world with a powerful spell.
Endowed with the lore, the Mages put things in order on the islands. They opened the first portals, hoping to reconcile the warring peoples and set the world right.
But everything was not so simple. The peoples were slow to forget the former enmity, and Chaos did not abandon its desire to destroy this world. Discord touched even the Mages, which resulted in a war of clans.
A lot of time has passed since the wisest of the Mages remembered that it was they who were entrusted with keeping an eye on the world and protecting it. Emrius, the wisest of the Mages, managed to gather enough strength to stop the wars once and forever.
The old enmity had subsided, but the conflicts between the clans of magicians did not disappear anywhere. The solution came suddenly.
The Chosen are mighty warriors, the best representatives of their people in the service of Mages. Previously, they led troops into battle, and now, they meet in the battle arena for a non-fatal fight to resolve the arguments of the Mages.
It was the beginning of a new era - the Era of Peace. The war between the islands lost its meaning, and trade flourished in its place. The battles gained popularity among locals and became entertainment for the people.
The pursuit of Mages for victory in the battles spurred the development of science and alchemy. To gain an advantage for their teams of Chosen, they began to search for the rarest reagents and conduct extraordinary experiments.
Such a volume of work is beyond the power of even the most hardworking Mage - there is no way to do it without help. And there is no one in the world more diligent and hardworking than Chimeras. These good-natured magical creatures, created by Alathor before any wars, passed through a difficult period, and now no self-respecting Mage can do without them.
A golden era of wealth and prosperity has begun for everyone that endures today.
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