Gameplay of Chimeras Creation

Chimeras are peaceful and hardworking helpers.

Features of Chimeras

  • Appearance - the appearance of Chimera is determined at its birth and is a combination of different body parts that depend on the parents (ref. Chimera breeding).

    • Appearance does not affect Chimera's performance.

    • There are a huge number of different variations of how Chimera can look like.

  • Skills - each Chimera has two skills that affect what work a particular Chimera can do.

    • Skill Miner - allows Chimera to work in the mine.

    • Skill Fisherman - allows Chimera to fish in reservoirs.

    • Skill Alchemist - allows you to save reagents when creating objects.

    • The skills that Chimera possesses depend on Chimera's parents (ref. Chimera breeding).

    • The higher the level of Chimera's skill, the more effectively it performs the corresponding tasks.

  • Grade - the Grade indicates how upgraded the Chimera's skills are.

    • Under normal conditions, Chimera is born with the First Grade and gradually increases it during life.

  • Tools are items that help Chimeras in work.

    • Tools are associated with one or more skills. For example, the Miners use the pickaxe.

    • The Tool gives a particular bonus to the level of the corresponding skill (the bonus depends on the quality of the Tool).

      • For example, if a Miner with the skill level 3 uses Pickaxe + 4, then he starts working with the same efficiency as a Miner with the skill level 7 (3 + 4 = 7).

Chimeras Breeding

Chimeras breeding consists of several stages:

  1. Crossing - the Chimera Egg appears as a result of crossing;

  2. Incubation - during this stage, the Egg turns into a fully formed Chimera;

  3. Cultivation - gaining experience and improving the skills during Chimera's life.


  • The mechanism described in the section applies to each external characteristic or skill of a newborn Chimera.

  • An example with hands below illustrates this mechanism.

  • The chances of a feature appearing (presented in the diagram) depend on several factors. Thus they can vary within certain limits relative to the example.

  • At birth, Chimera inherits a feature of one of the ancestors.

  • What kind of feature is inherited depends on its dominance and the kinship degree.

  • The dominant feature of the parent is most likely to appear in the newborn Chimera.

  • Features of progenitors (especially dominant) have a noticeable chance of appearing in Chimera.

  • Also, any of the existing features may appear with a probability of about 5%.

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