Farm buildings

Farm Buildings are one of the cornerstones of the economy in the game. Here, players send free Chimeras to work and receive gold and valuable resources for this.

A Farm Building provides a set of workspaces (cells) that house free Chimeras. All cells differ in the following parameters:

  • Functionality – to occupy a particular cell, a free Chimera must have the appropriate skill.

    • Workers Cell – a Chimera goes on a work shift and, after a certain time, brings the result in the form of gold or valuable resources.

    • Specialist Cell – a Chimera in the cell is not engaged in extraction of resources itself, but increases the efficiency of other Chimeras.

  • Difficulty – a Chimera’s skill level required to work in a cell.

    • The higher the cell difficulty level, the greater the reward for the shift.

    • If there is a deficiency in the skill level, then a Chimera is not able to work in the cell. This ban only applies to the Workers Cell.

The player can upgrade the Farm Building during the game, which results in the following bonuses:

  • Increasing the total number of cells available to the player.

  • Opening cells of a higher difficulty level.

  • Increasing the maximum possible number of the working Chimeras in the building.

Types of buildings

There are six kinds of Farm Buildings in the game, which are divided into three types, depending on the Chimera skills required for them:

  • Mines – the required skills are Miner and Mine Keeper.

    • Diamond mine

    • Gold mine

  • Great Trees – the required skills are Gatherer and Druid.

    • Tree of Inception

    • Tree of Downfall

  • Holy sites – the required skills are Monk and Caretaker

    • Pagoda

    • Cloud Mountain

Each of the buildings has a unique appearance and a unique set of resources available for extraction.

Despite this diversity, all types of Farm Buildings provide the same opportunities for economic development.

Access to Farm Buildings:

  • The player can choose which Farm Building to build on the Home Island at the start of the game. The player has unlimited access to this building.

  • The player can use other types of Farm Buildings on the Rimlands. To do this, he/she can purchase the island him/herself or rent it for a certain fee.

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