The Chosen are talented and, sometimes, aggressive representatives of their peoples.

Summoning and training the Chosen is an expensive venture, but this gives access to unique activities and rewards.

  • The Chosen are summoned by the Mage (player) to protect the Island.

  • The Chosen can take part in the arena battles, the study of dungeons, and in other similar activities.

  • The Chosen differ in:

    • History - the background of the Chosen;

    • Fraction - each Chosen belongs to one of 6 Fractions;

    • Active abilities - used in battles;

    • Traits - features that also affect the effectiveness in battles;

    • Power - a parameter that reflects the approximate efficiency of the Chosen in battles.

  • The Chosen can improve his efficiency by developing the following:

    • Level - all the parameters of the Chosen improve slightly with its increasing. The level varies from 1 to 50. It can be upgraded with an Experience Potion.

    • Runes - the Chosen can use up to three Runes, each of which increases one or more parameters.

    • Grade - by collecting 3 Runes, the Chosen can increase the Grade, which will improve the parameters and the abilities of the Chosen. The Grade varies from 1 to 25.

    • Rank - when the Rank increases, all the Chosen parameters are significantly upgraded. The Rank varies from 1 to 5.

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